The Musings of a Progressive Jazz Guitarist

Welcome to “The Musings of a Progressive Jazz Guitarist”! My first Blog! This Blog has been created so you and I can share interactions or you can just enjoy the vibes about the topic of MUSIC as it relates to the GUITAR!!! It will be sort of geared for Jazz Guitarists, but musicians of every types, every instrument, music lovers and everyday people, I welcome you all! I will try to talk about and post topics at least once a week that will be educational at times, interesting, controversial, stir the imagination, but also fun, humorous, topical and whimsical! I’ll be honored whenever you can joined me!

2 thoughts on “The Musings of a Progressive Jazz Guitarist

  1. I sit and look at my fathers stand up bass. My father played jazz with the Kings Jesters and was in the Milwaukee Musicians association for 25 years. He was thrilled to lift the giant bass back and forth to and from the gigs. As my finger touch the 4 fat strings I wonder how he played this. I have to use my whole hand to make the note. And I wonder about guitar players hands like yours Arnold. Your fingers just moving in time and so quickly. God bless talented fingers. The bass is at least 70 years old and has a home in my home. I am thankful to have received this. Musical instrument are a beautiful creation as so are people like you who take the time to master them.


    1. Thats a great story Linda! Talent runs in your Family! Thanks for sharing that personal gem! Also thanks for being the first person to post a reply on my Blog! 🙂

      Its so nice you have your Father’s Bass! Since its so old, one thing you might want to do (if you havent already) is go to a music store and get a couple of inexpensive humidifiers for it. Especially with the dry air of Denver! 😉



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