Sorry for the time away! Now a completely new site redesign!

I have to admit,…. I have not been on top of my blog since I very first creating it over 2 years ago, but now Im BACK! I have also made some major site design changes on both the front and back-end and have added much more functionality! I GREATLY appreciate all of the followers that Ive gained even though admittedly Ive posted very little,.. but thats is all behind us! Onward!!!🙂

5 thoughts on “Sorry for the time away! Now a completely new site redesign!

  1. I love to hear about biographical movies like the new John Coltrane movie. There are some incredibly brilliant, phenomenal musicians who I admire greatly that I’d still hesitate to label genius. The word genius resides in a different zone to me than the common use of the word. I look at people like Jonas Salk, Madame Curie, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Ghandi, Albert Einstein, Nicola Tesla, Mozart, Beethoven, Louis Armstrong, Mile Davis, David Bowie, Lennon & McCartney as geniuses. I believe John Coltrane was one of those people and deserves recognition and acknowledgment.

    As for the question, do blogs still matter, I’d say yes, but only in a certain way. People I know who follow blogs are interested in a very specific thing, and follow one or two blogs that refer directly to it. Usually, it a favorite choice out of hundreds. I think they still matter, but just like the music business today, it’s not so easy to sort them out from the millions of amateur wannabe’s.

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  2. Martin!! Don’t know why I’m just now seeing your first comment! I never got any notification for it!! I need to check this settings no questions! And it’s only that I just randomly decided to look that I saw your msg! Anyway. .. thanks for your comment! I am taking it to heart!!! 🙂



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