Upcoming John Coltrane Documentary To Be Narrated By Denzel Washington


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Hello friends from fb, the WordPress blogsphere and the World, this is my FIRST music post from my blog “The Musings of a Progressive Jazz Guitarist! Ive had this blog for over 2 years(!) and did nothing, it was just a blank page, but now after a few weeks of work, Im up and running with a new design and major functionality on the front and back-end. If you see site changes along this journey, just know Im just trying to make it better and better! Quick back story, after fb remove a post I shared about the Dakota vs Native American pipeline atrocity and confirmed they did via email, I realized its more to the benefits of my own freedoms to start-up my blog and have ownership and control over some of my own content, intellectual properties and general thoughts. Plus I can be kind of “long-winded” for fb! 😉 Though this blog will be mostly about all things related to music, the music industry and the beauty of the Guitar (since pure guitar only blogs at this time are no longer popular) I will also occasionally speak on other subjects important to me and hopefully you. My blog post(s) can also be automatically be posted to fb. Please follow me there if you like, read my original mission statement and join me in in-depth conversations, exchange of ideas, and in lengthier more detailed music concepts:)

My first music post (!!!) is dedicated to this jazz icon and the new documentary about his life, the greatest of the greats John Coltrane! So without further ado:>>>>>

Here  FINALLY is a modern-day documentary about the music, life and contributions of the one of the greatest musicians of all time, John Coltrane. For most of jazz musicians not only was Trane a huge influence for us musically, but his invention and beautifully artful use of his “Three Tonic System” changed the way we conceptualized chord changes and has remained one of the most challenging concepts in all of jazz.

In a future post, I will have an in-depth discussion about Coltrane’s Three Tonic System. What it is musically and a few ways of conceptualizing and applying the concept on the guitar, ex: using Tetra-tonics, ii v substitutions, chord substitutions and the Bebop approach.


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