A recent experience in a uncomfortable conversation about racism.

This is my very first post here outside of music as I intend to expand my subject matters. This is basically a repost from one of my social media sites. Please feel to leave a comment and please follow me here! Thank you!

Last night I had a VERY VERY long, emotional and no holds barred conversation with a VERY dear white friend regarding my long history of fb and other social media posts about racism and social injustices. She said that I shouldn’t waste my time posting these things, because everyone already knows about it. Then she asked me, what happened to Arnold I use to know! Then she called an angry black man. She seem to think I hate white people. (I dont) She equated POTUS American Hitler and the GOP’s evil agenda the same as a black kid in the ghetto robbing a store. She said I should just work on my music and leaves these subjects alone. Etc, etc.

This is the same dear friend I had to talk to in length about her wanting to vote for then candidate American Hiter.

Of course I told her I will NEVER stop and these issues will soon be on my blog (here!!) and also has been and will be in my music when the spirit leads me. I do this for One love of the Universe and nothing else.

Bottom line, she is VERY uncomfortable with her friend pointing out the long history of evils of her people and seem to take it all very personally. But I would not acquiesce just to make her comfortable. As a matter if fact, far from it as I took it as a moment to teach a friend I love.

But to all of my friends,…. it HAS to be uncomfortable and uncomfortable for WHITE PEOPLE if there is to be change! Like my dear friend, a LOT of white people seem absolutely clueless to the systemic, cultural, financial and psychologically advantages of being white in racist white America! And that advantage has been achieved through brutal and barbaric slavery of my ancestors, the decimation of the indigenous people, systemic racism, oppression, social injustices, genocide and hatred for hundreds of years. But like my dear friend, who means well, many white people can’t look at it. Wont acknowledge it. It’s too difficult. It’s way too uncomfortable. They don’t want to take ownership of the present state of things or the evil history of their white ancestors. Don’t want to rock their proverbial white priviledge boat.

Blindly, subconsciously or consciously, white people want to hold on to this priviledged advantage. They want to maintain that status quo at all cost and DON’T want to give it up. Even on the smallest levels there is little to NO progress because of these refusals.

BUT (!!!) if white people never face these ills, never seek to acknowledge them, never give them up, never seek to change their ways, never challenge racist evils, never seek to change the racist system, never outlaw white supremacy, never bring the Indigenous people to the fold, etc, then absolutely NOTHING will change.

Let’s hope for more of these uncomfortable conversations as you certainly can expect them from me (!!!) and let’s hope for true understanding and progress.

One love to the Universe


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