Musings on my blog!!


I’m starting up my writings and musings on my blog again! I have already been in the process of some writings for a while here and there, but SOON to publish some writings and basically stacking my thoughts, ideas and opinions. But things are in the Q!

Up until now, all of my essays, stories and writings have been about my music experiences in one form or another ever since I restarted this blog in Sept 2016. Now I will expand to broader essays and writings that will include some of the social and political dynamics of the artform. I will include talks regarding Artist Grants and Residencies which is RARELY discussed!

On the flip side, I also will NOW include some of my very amateurish criticism of Art, poetry, do essays on technology (like how built my own VPN server, VPN client, dual routers, media server, Reaktor ensembles, etc), more about 3D Art/Animations, mine, other and related, maybe a little about Chess (which is of interest to NO ONE!) 😉 but I think the mental development as it related to music is very interesting, AND (!!) certainly and what I’ve avoided so far there… some sociopolitical commentary (!) That said, I would also like it to be a minor (or major) continuance of thoughts with any of you regarding some of the topics, discussions and debates we have on social media, which is a place were it can be somewhat difficult to get really granular and hard to come back to days later on a constantly moving timeline. AND (!!!) if YOU also have a blog, we can follow each other (send me your link!), bounce topics and ideas back and forth and spread them even further!
So if any of that or anything you see is of any interest to you, I would be honored to see you here in ANY capacity!

Thank you!


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