The Strick9 FX Quad Synthesizer

Check out this Modular FX Synth I designed and built MYSELF(!!!) from scratch using the ONLY music program that invites reverse engineering called Reaktor!! The Strick9 FX Quad Synthesizer is a Synth with (4!!) oscillators and FX that consist of LFO in 4 band filter, compressor, delay, ambient reverb based on SpaceMaster, 10 band graphic EQ, ADSR envelope, Phaser, 4 channel mixer, 12 note polyphonic, mono stereo subtractive, on/off all effects and more! Look for it in the Native Instruments Reaktor user Library under Synthesizer: FX Quad Synth by developer Arnold Strickland!


For those of you who have never heard of Reaktor here’s a description….

Reaktor is a graphical modular software music studio developed by Native Instruments (NI). It is their Flashp pogram and by far its most powerful.
It lets musicians and sound specialists design and build their own instruments, samplers, effects and sound design tools. It is supplied with many ready-to-use instruments and effects, from emulations of classic synthesizers to futuristic sound design tools. In addition, more than 5000 free instruments can be downloaded from the growing User Library. One of Reaktor’s unique selling points is that all of its instruments can be freely examined, customized or taken apart; Reaktor is a tool that effectively encourages reverse engineering. Reaktor Player is a free limited version of the software that allows musicians to play NI-released Reaktor instruments, but not edit or reverse-engineer them.

I uploaded my original designed software Synth, the Strick9 FX Quad Synthesizer to the Native Instruments Reaktor User Library and Ive also sent it to a few friends, musicians and Producers! Hopefully someone will try it, like it and use it and I am looking for any and all feedback positive or negative about the instrument itself!

I have built several iterations ex: 1 osc, 2 osc or 3 osc or I can change the inner structures ex I can unroute the pitch modulation from the pitch gate out of the LFO for a less modulated instrument and/or I can also send it to you with up to 322 voices if you want to try something crazy experimental and you have mad CPU power!

It was designed for ambient tones. It does need Reaktor or you can download the free Reaktor player and use it as a vst in your favorite DAW. Sooner or later, I will build a much better more modern UI and add some Snapshots, but now its just raw, but powerful nonetheless))


If you want to try it, it’s free of course meant to share, you can go to the Native
Instrumets Library >>>
If you download it, I hope you get much enjoyment of of it! Please leave a
rating and comment on the Native Instruments page and here as well!


A Native Instruments Reaktor Programmer by the name of Paule living in Paris France has taken my Synth and made some modifications to it and he added some of his owns Snapshots!
Paule sent me the modified Strick9 FX Quad Synth and I will check it out and and upload it to the Native Instruments Library as a version 2 with credit given to Paule! He said he really likes my Synth! I told him one of my goals is to do performances (maybe solo) using instruments and FX mostly created by myself!
Here is part of his correspondence to me…>>>

Strick9-mod-Quadro_12 by Arnold Strickland:
I like the pre version by Arnold more. There are 4 voices. In the actual one only. I give you 10 boring snapshots for Strick9_FX_Quad_Synth
I take the first one and hook in an Audio Voice Combiner. Bring it to 12 voices and tweak my snaps with unison and spread. Now it’s supplied with animated pads and fit for ambients.

This is fantastic!!! Some instruments have been in the Reaktor Library for 5 even 10 YEARS and never even get downloaded, let alone taken and modified by a great Programmer in under 24 hours after the initial upload!!! Very happy about this new collaboration!
One love to the Universe



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