Hello everybody!

I have many inquires about guitar or music lessons. I teach one on one in person or at any distance via Skype technology. Here are the details!

I accept all students at any level: Beginner, Intermediate, and advanced!!!

What is required?

A Guitar or any instrument for music theory only lessons. 

A basic Internet connection. Does NOT have to be high speed.

A desktop computer, a laptop or a Tablet with a camera and microphone or a big screen mobile smartphone (YES!! Ive had students use their mobiles with no problems!)

Skype! Which is free to download for PC, Mac, Android or iPhone. If for your mobile device, its a fee download at your App store. Skype to Skype calls are FREE!

A Paypal account, Which is also free to setup.

I am located in New York City in the borough of Manhattan USA. I have given lessons to
students as far away as Japan, so no place is too far for a lesson time to be established.

Skype Lesson Prices.

I will be making every reasonable attempt to accommodate committed students who may be experiencing financial challenges. I would appreciate everyone’s honesty regarding requests for special consideration.

Otherwise, once we have established a lesson time and fee, I respectfully ask that payment be made to my Paypal account.
My Paypal account ID is available upon request.

For current rates and availability, please e-mail me at

Send your request to for performances and personal appearances. Rider is available upon request.