Can 2018 manifest the “Year of the Artist”?!

Last year around this time, I had a fantastic discussion with my close friend the great actor of many films, Peter Sarsgaard and he brought something to my attention that we were in TOTAL agreement with,.. so AGAIN, there is something of importance I would like to share with you! We believed that the climate of 2017 (filled with a new emboldened fascist tyranny, kleptocracy, plutocracy, overt racism, etc) would manifest “The Year of the Artist”! And in many ways it did! We believe that us artist should UNITE with our passions!!! In an effort to do MUCH MORE of this, I am EXTENDING my beliefs, hopes and desires of this manifest to 2018 (!!!) all for sharing and achieving MORE of this beautiful kind of unity! Are you my musician/actor/writer/artist/dancer/etc friends in agreement?! Can we come together and combine our passions for One love to the Universe?!


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