Why are so many Jazz Guitar blogs and other guitar blogs either inactive or off offline?! Share your thoughts, ideas and opinions! What type of guitar related issues are of interest for you!

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As I re-emerge to get this blog “The Musings of a Progressive Jazz Guitarist” up and running, I did a casual google search to find the top guitar blogs, to get a feel for what us guitarist are talking about and discover the latest topics that are important and fun for us,

I notice several things, some took me by surprise and others made me ponder. On one particular search yielded a page that featured the “Top 10 Guitar Blogs”. Out of all ten of those sites, only ONE was semi-current and its last post was Feb 2016, the rest were either completely down or hadnt been active in more than a year. Another thing I noticed is that some of these blogs were designed to also sell their products and the content was somewhat lack luster. The one that was semi-current actually took another route and didnt so much talk about the instrument we love, and for the most part had become and all purpose jazz music site. While some of the content was very interesting, it lacked the mission of its moniker. My first question to myself since I hadnt even worked on my own blog in over 2 years ( way too much fb! lol) was ARE BLOGS STILL POPULAR?!??! So I did another top blog search for an unrelated topic, FOOD! Food blogs are up to date, running and very popular some with hundreds of thousands of followers! And literally everyone I looked at was very current. So that answered the blog popularity question! SO whats happening for the guitar?!?! Hmmmmmm….?!?!

With that said, I have a few question for you Guitarist no matter your genre,
maybe you can help me to gain more insight and then create content thats of REAL interest and importance to us. Not all of the content I will twill be of a serious nature, some anecdotal, some just fun, but if I want you to continue to come here, I want  to post things that peak your interest and gets you excited! To exchange a wealth of information between us all! And I promise, I will NOT SELL ANY PRODUCTS HERE!  So feel free to tell me the things that interest us guitarist. Is it concepts, how we can book gigs, music theory, interviews, modern ideas for guitarist?!?! These are the things I would like to know!

This is NOT to say I dont have my own ideas of what you guys might like, but your input is extremely important!

Lastly, I did notice is that Podcast-ing seems to be a very interesting way
to communicate ideas, so Im also in the mist of setting one up! 🙂

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One thought on “Why are so many Jazz Guitar blogs and other guitar blogs either inactive or off offline?! Share your thoughts, ideas and opinions! What type of guitar related issues are of interest for you!

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